Enchanted by Messi magic


Like all big events, the Football World Cup 2010 has captured the attention of the media. But it's the fans who make it a true success.

From all croners of the globe they have travelled to Rainbow Nation to support to their favourite teams and players.

And, it's not just their presence that matters, but what they say. So, be it banners, body art or placards, if it's on the mind it's there for all to see.

A few one-liners that caught our attention.

Argentina's main-man Lionel Messi has mesmerised many a football fan and player with his antics on the field. And his countrymen -- read women --- are enchanted by the pocket-sized dynamite. The placard says it all.

We wonder what Messi will have to say about this unique request!

Image: A fan has a special request for Lionel Messi
Photographs: Reuters