FIFA 11 for Wii scores street mode

Even though the 2010 World Cup has ended and Spain has been crowned champion, footie fans have the next round of EA Sports' annualized soccer simulator to look forward to. Although the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will be presented with superior visuals, Wii fans who pick up the game will score an exclusive street game mode.
According to EA Sports, FIFA 11 for the Wii will include a street mode, in which players will be able to dress as their favorite professionals and travel the globe playing a lighter style of footy along the way. EA says each soccer god will have his own unique abilities in street mode to use on indoor courts where players can bank shots and passes off the wall to their advantage.
Additionally, EA says those who elect to play in this arcade style will be able to "build up and then activate your power meter to blast shots, ignite a speed burst or send shockwaves over your opponents." Further, the world-famous players will dress in appropriately named street wear in the street mode.
EA Sports has confirmed that players will be able to play the street game modes on the avenues of France, Brazil, and the UK. Further, each location will sport a culturally specific soundtrack, though Electronic Arts has not confirmed any artists.
Street mode will have three distinct game types available: First to Score, Tug of War, and Timed. And finally, the street mode will feature a variety of goals aimed at testing players' strength and accuracy. Gamers can expect elevated nets where players will need to accurately loft the ball to score, wall goals, and mini nets to test accuracy.
FIFA 11 is due out on the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 this fall.