Maradona Voted Out of the Argentinean Football Federation Due To FIFA World Cup 2010 Loss

Has Paul Octopus predicted about Maradona? Argentinean legend player and Diego Maradona was kicked off his post as the manager of Argentina’s national team post disappointing 0-4 defeat of his team against Germans in the FIFA World Cup 2010
The Argentine Football Association (AFA) collectively voted Maradona out despite the calls of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to keep Maradona on the post.
Maradona said that he was betrayed by Julio Grondona the President of Argentine football association (AFA) and Carlos Bilardo the team’s co-coach. He added in speeach “I have given everything. Treason is everywhere. There are people who do not want the best for Argentine football. They only have their own personal interests at heart.”
Argentina President Cristina Kirchner has expressed her sadness at Diego Maradona’s dismissal as national football coach.