Fifa set to hit back in World cup row with bans, censorship and suspensions

Fifa have already begun to fight back against what they term unfair and baseless accusations against them by the arrogant English and out of control British press.
We have spent the last three days trying to speak to anyone at Fifa via email and phone without any success until today when we managed to speak with a Fifa official who naturally wishes to remain anonymous.
According to our source Fifa are furious with the British Government and the British Press and will not take the unrelenting attacks on them without fighting back.
For starters they are censoring, twitter pages and so forth, they simply will not allow any criticism or even questions to be asked about the allegations against the likes of Sepp Blatter, Jack Warner and Julio Grondona, this censorship is ongoing as we speak.
Fifa will also not hesitate to suspend the English FA if there is any government interference via an inquiry or any attempts by the English FA to speak with other FA’s in an attempt to destablise Fifa,
Fifa are also prepared to ban journalists that they view have made false and baseless charges against them directly or any member of the Fifa family.
Also our source has informed us that Fifa have branded the English arrogant and that they are furious with both the English FA and British government, they have also branded the British press as out of control.
So there we have it, no mention of any inquiry in to the any of the allegations, no inquiry in to the documented proof of Jack Warner attempting to continue is career as a ticket tout, no attempt to answer any questions surrounding the vote, only threats to wield its power to crush any opposition.
Thing is this, Fifa may well be very powerful but any attempt to ban the BBC, Marca of Spain, Bild of Germany, The Wall Street Journal etc would see a storm erupt from the worldwide press so fierce that it would make Sepp Blatters head spin.
The second issue is that England is not Nigeria or Iraq or any other country that has fallen foul of Fifa’s ridiculous non government decree, if Fifa suspended England they would risk losing huge money and we mean huge money in TV rights and while Fifa is corrupt tot he core stupid they are not.
So those threats are meaningless, in fact the press would love Fifa to carry those threats out, as for censorship on the Fifa web site and other Internet properties, well who really cares and who expected any different.
Fifa may be able to frighten governments and FA’s all over the world but the one organisation that can take them on and is not afraid is the press who would love nothing more than for the corrupt Blatter and his corrupt pals to declare war on them.
There would only be one winner and it will not be Fifa.
So Mr Blatter, either put up and begin with the threats or cower and hide because the press will never relent and are going nowhere at all.