FIFA Go Home - hundred people marched through Brazil's biggest city

Several hundred people marched through Brazil's biggest city on Tuesday in a peaceful protest that was the latest in a series of small demonstrations against the upcoming World Cup.

Brazil will host the June 12-July 13 tournament for the first time since 1950 but there is unrest among locals who believe too much money has been spent on preparing for the global showpiece to the detriment of public services such as health, education and transport.
Protesters braved the torrential rain and a heavy police presence to chant, "There's Not Going To Be A World Cup" and "FIFA Go Home".
Such protests are small but frequent and follow a more widespread wave of demonstrations that took place during last year's Confederations Cup when more than a million people took to the streets to protest what they contend is insufficient social spending.
The protests continued after the tournament ended but the appearance of increasingly violent elements saw the numbers attending plummet. Tuesday's demonstration was peaceful.
With the kick off less than two months away, three of the stadia are still unfinished and several airports and public transportation projects are late, scaled back, or have been abandoned altogether.