Worst piece of FIFA World Cup 2014 merchandise this year

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There’s still a month to go until the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off, but already everyone from food brands to pubs and clothes shops are trying to cash in on footie fever.

And in a category jam-packed with the most unbelievable buyers-remorse-inducing tat, we think we may have already found a winner for the most ridiculous World Cup related buy.

Introducing Primark’s, well, er, we’re not exactly sure what to call it.  A T-shirt-for-two?  A twirt?

Basically what we’re dealing with is a St. George’s flag printed, ‘Dream Team 10’ sloganned, T-shirt for two people.
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We have so many questions about this:

Whose idea was it?

Who gave it the final go-ahead?

Did they make it on purpose, or was it actually a freak factory error that they’ve just decided to go with?

What do you do with your other arm?

And most importantly….

What happens when you need to use the loo?

Having said that, the twirt (we’re going with twirt whether you like it or not) already seems to be flying off the shelves. Ok, well not flying, but at least one woman has admitted buying one for her cute-yet-massively-embarrassed-looking kids.