Germany will win the FIFA World Cup, predicts EA SPORTS FIFA video game

We already know that the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be memorable, but according to EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, it may also be historic. Using our award-winning EA SPORTS football engine, we simulated the tournament to determine that Germany will be the first European nation to win a FIFA World Cup held in the continent of South America.

The German side, based on our simulation, will defeat the host’s Brazil 2:1 in Extra Time on July 13 with Miroslav Klose scoring the match winner. 2010 FIFA World Cup Champions Spain will finish the third, defeating Portugal 3:1.

FC Barcelona and Brazilian Neymar Jr. will lead the tournament with six goals to earn the Golden Boot; he will also finish the tournament with the Golden Ball award. Other outcomes include Italy failing to advance past the group stage, Mexico being the sole CONCACAF side to reach the Round of 16, and Nigeria reaching the Quarter Finals before losing to Portugal.

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Previously in 2010, EA SPORTS accurately predicted that Spain would prevail as the tournament champions.

A Full Breakdown of the Knock-Out Stages:

Round of 16

Brazil v Netherlands 3:1
Ivory Coast v Uruguay 2:3
France v Nigeria 0:1
Portugal v Russia 2:0
Spain v Mexico 3:1
England v Colombia 1:1 (4:3 pens)
Argentina v Ecuador 2:0
Belgium v Germany 1:2
Quarter Finals

Brazil v Uruguay 2:2 (4:3 pens)
Portugal v Nigeria 4:3
England v Spain 0:2
Germany v Argentina 2:1
Semi Finals

Brazil v Portugal 1:0
Spain v Germany 0:0 (4:5 pens)
3rd Place

Portugal v Spain 1:3

Brazil v Germany 1:2 (AET)