2010 FIFA World Cup: Top 10 Teams That Didn't Qualify


Theoretically, the FIFA World Cup is meant to bring together the world's top teams. However, there always seems to be a few of Mother Earth's best that end up missing the party, though many don't care as long as the major powers are present. For some, it's an indictment on the tournament's qualifying process. Others blame the teams themselves.

Whether you believe certain regions get too many or too few World Cup spots, that there needs to be more intercontinental qualifiers, that some teams just had a run of bad luck, or that they just plain choked, the fact of the matter is that those competing for international football's top prize aren't necessarily the world's top 32 teams.

Here's a look at the best teams kicking back on couches instead of kicking footballs this summer.


Say what? No, it's not a typo. Seriously, there's a reason the Black Panthers have been ranked as high as third in Africa according to FIFA (though I'm careful not to put too much stock in FIFA's dubious ranking system) during the past year.

They've been on the cusp of a break-out for some time now, and were agonizingly close to pipping Cameroon for a spot in the finals, getting off to a sizzling start before collapsing down the stretch. They got their revenge at the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations though, beating the World Cup-bound Indomitable Lions 1-0 in their opening fixture. Gabon also boasts a squad loaded with Europe-based talent.

Honorable mentions for this spot include Costa Rica, who've quietly put together a string of impressive performances in pre-World Cup friendlies, Colombia, and Israel.

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