The ever-optimistic English fans

England were the most overhyped team at this World Cup.

They failed miserably, but the fans never gave up hope.

After two horrid performances in the first two matches, the English fans' cheers reached a cresendo and England beat Slovenia 1-0.

Image: England fans sing before the match against Slovenia

Slovenia get some love

A South African fan professes his love for the Slovenian team during their match against England.
Image: A banner in support of Slovenia

Fans recognise Ronaldo's skills

Women have always been swooning over Cristiano Ronaldo and it was no different at the World Cup.

This female fans displays a naughty message for Ronaldo.

We don't know if he read it, but the woman surely drove home her point.

Image: A fan displays a naughty placard directed towards Ronaldo

Enchanted by Messi magic

Dynamic Dunga wins hearts

Who's the boss?

Ghana gives hope for Africa

Africa sets the standards

Torres in demand

Germany keep their fans happy

Fans exult in German success

Aussies are not left behind

The ever-optimistic English fans

Slovenia get some love

Fans recognise Ronaldo's skills

Fans revel in Swiss shock

Swiss fans show the Spanish supporters the bitter truth of a 1-0 loss through food talk.

Image: Switzerland's fans hold a national flag and banners as they celebrate after their win against Spain

Vuvuzela too noisy

The songs and slogans have been replaced by the noisy vuvuzelas. Fans and players are not taking kindly to it.

Here a fan shows his displeasure towards the vuvuzela.

Image: Fans display a subtle message against Vuvuzelas