Vuvuzelas are here to stay'


Vuvuzela trumpets will not be banned from the World Cup, organisers say, despite complaints from teams over the cacophony and a run on earplugs as South Africans fret about their hearing.

The incessant blasting of the plastic trumpets has become the unofficial World Cup soundtrack, but the vuvuzelas have triggered controversy.

A BBC report said chief organiser Danny Jordaan had not ruled out banning the horns, but Rich Mkhondo, a spokesman for the local World Cup organising committee, said "Vuvuzelas are here to stay and will never be banned."

"People love the vuvuzelas around the world. Only a minority are against vuvuzelas. There has never been a consideration to ban vuvuzelas," he added.
Image: Fan blowing Vuvuzela trumpet ahead of South Africa match