Linesman's wife knew Espinosa had made a mistake

The wife of a linesman, who wrongly disallowed Frank Lampard's [  ] goal against Germany [  ], revealed on Thursday that she instantly knew he had blundered.

Recalling her reaction, Sandra Perez Espinosa said that she burst into tears and yelled at her TV: "No, no, Mauricio, you're wrong!"

The Sun quoted Sandra, 34, as saying that her hubby, 38 - who arrived home in Montevideo, Uruguay, last night - had "hardly spoken" as he was so depressed.

She said: "The instant the ball went in, we knew it was a goal. I couldn't believe his decision. I felt so bad for him."

Espinosa ruled England [  ] star Lampard's strike did not cross the line - despite being in by at least a foot.

He was said to have put his head in his hands and groaned: "Oh, my God" after being shown the replay at half-time.

Sources from the National School of Referees in Uruguay said Espinosa and Larrionda - both dropped from the World Cup over the error - almost came to blows after the game.

Larrionda, 42 - who the sources say believed the ball crossed the line - asked Espinosa four times:

"Mauricio, are you completely sure it wasn't a goal?"

He is said to have replied each time: "The ball didn't enter the goal, I am sure of it."

The director of the referee school said: "Larrionda backed his linesman. But there is no chance of them working together again. Larrionda won't forgive him."

England ended up losing 4-1 in Bloemfontein, South Africa [  ], on Sunday.