Vuvuzela - the sound of celebration coming to India soon

Fans celebrating the upcoming 2010 FIFA World ...Image via Wikipedia
If you have been a football lover, it is unlikely you would have missed noticing Vuvuzela during 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Hate it or love it, this ear-splitting apparatus will be out in full force in India and will certainly be louder than ever.
There is a possibility that Vuvezela will be manufactured in India, as a few sites have been recently inspected by a visiting team of South African company "Sockzela", who were official partners of FIFA at the World Cup, to test the market.
There were further indications that Vuvezela might also be exported to different parts of the world from India.
Anticipating a good scope in the Indian market, an Indian boutique consulting firm TMG Advisory recently invited the Sockzela company for this purpose recently..
The promoter of Sockzela Craig Marais designed a product around the Vuvuzela, which is a custom branded sock for the Vuvuzela.
The 'Sockzela', as it's called, brands the Vuvuzela with different country flags, colours and has a lanyard that allows you to hang this novelty around your neck.
"South Africa and India are very similar when it comes to people. They are fun loving and love to make noise, not just in stadiums but also on the roads, (Craig commented jokingly referring to the Delhi traffic that he witnessed during his teams' four day visit to India) and we want to give the people of India their "sound of celebration" the Sockzela! "The response from the market has been tremendous and the team is already getting orders for the Indian market," says Sanjeev Bhandari, Partner, TMG Advisory.
The proposed venture between TMG Ventures (an incubator and funding arm of GroupTMG) and Sockzela would be focused on making India the next big market for Vuvuzela and a manufacturing hub for exports.
The company "Sockzela" has the worldwide patent rights on the concept of any type of "covering/socks" on Vuvuzela, hence the name Sockzela.
Termed as the 12th man for the South African team at the World Cup and the Vuvuzela is no newcomer.
For years it's been used in South Africa to spark the atmosphere, with fanatics blowing it with vigour for 90-plus minutes of the game and during post-match celebrations.
The trumpet has become such a phenomenon in that country that it's today impossible to imagine an ardent local fan going to a stadium without it.
With sporting events on the rise in India, it's the fans who would be winners-blowing the Vuvuzela...or is it the Sockzela! By Sandeep Datta (ANI)