FIFA accepts Martinez's ouster as PFF prexy

MANILA, Philippines – The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), also known as the International Federation of Association Football, has officially acknowledged the replacement of Jose Mari Martinez as president of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF).
In a letter faxed by FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke to PFF general secretary Ramon Manuel, the FIFA said it has recognized the PFF's adoption to remove Martinez from office
“We consider that the motion to remove the PFF president Jose Mari Martinez was accepted and that he has been replaced by Mr. Mariano V. Araneta as the new PFF president,” said Valcke.
FIFA is the international governing body of association football, futsal and beach football.
Last November, the PFF Congress voted to remove and replace the Martinez "due to unauthorized disbursement of PFF funds, falsification of public documents, and failure to return missing funds before a set deadline."
Based on article 13.5 of the PFF By-Laws, "only the PFF Congress, by the affirmative vote of two thirds of the entire voting membership may remove and replace the PFF President upon the recommendation and majority vote of the Board of the Board of Governors."
The resolution to have Martinez removed was voted by 26 of the 33 total PFF congress members.
This prompted FIFA to acknowledge Martinez’s ouster.
The letter quoted the opinion of FIFA Chairman of the Association Committee and Vice President Geoff Thompson:
“Consequently, I am satisfied that article 13.5 prevails. I am therefore of the opinion that the decision of the PFF Congress to remove and replace the PFF President was taken according to the PFF Statutes.”
Elected to take Martinez’s place is Araneta of the Iloilo Football Association. Also chosen to become the PFF executive vice-president is Ismael Batiles.
FIFA said Araneta and Batiles will hold office for the unexpired period of the mandate of the PFF Board of Governors until November 26, 2011, as decided by the PFF Congress.