Australia senator calls for FIFA 'red card'

FIFA-headquarters cropped

Australia should not spend any more money on World Cup bids until FIFA's corruption investigation has been completed, independent senator Nick Xenophon has urged.
The country splashed out Aus dollars 46million (around £30m) in an attempt to win staging rights for the 2022 tournament only to lose out to a Qatar bid which has been dogged by allegations of bribery.
In a statement titled 'Red Card for FIFA', Xenophon called for Australia to refrain from using any more taxpayers' money to fund bids which appear doomed to fail.
The South Australian said: "You wonder whether we should continue to invest millions of dollars in bids for events we'll never even be in the running to win.

"Until the investigation into FIFA has been completed, Australia must hold off spending any more taxpayers' money on any future World Cup bids."
FIFA yesterday suspended their members Mohamed Bin Hammam - the Qatari at the head of the Asian Confederation - and CONCACAF president Jack Warner from all football-related activity pending the outcome of a full inquiry into bribery accusations.
Bin Hammam and Warner are accused of handing over US dollars 40,000 apiece to Caribbean football officials in return for their votes in the presidential election.
Xenophon added: "Australia spent almost Aus dollars 46million on a bid we were never in the running for. Now we hear (from Warner) that bribes may have been made to fix the result for who will head up FIFA."

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