FIFA World Cup 2014 Gets GoalControl 4D Technology

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil will carry GoalControl 4D Technology, the governing body tells news today. Earlier this year, GoalControl 4D Technology was approved for use at the Confederations Cup in Brazil. Officials indicated that the system’s 14 high speed cameras would be allowed for use in the 2014 Copa Mundial in Brasil provided it met standards at this year’s Confederations Cup.

Earlier this year, FIFA issued a news statement expressing its interest in some system for the Copa Mundial. “The final decision was based on criteria relating more specifically to the tournaments in Brazil, including the company’s ability to adapt to local conditions and the compatibility of each GLT system.” Four companies bid on the system: GoalControl, Hawk-Eye, GoalRef and CAIROS. But GoalControl won the initial testing contract.

How does GoalControl work? The system uses fourteen cameras. Once the system determines that a goal has been made, it sends a vibration and optical signal to the official’s wristwatch. Dirk Broichhausen, managing director of GoalControl, said in a news statement at the time to the BBC “All current goal posts and white goal nets can be used without any modifications. Additionally, GoalControl-4D can be used with any existing ball.” He added “The unique features of our system are the outstanding flexibility and accuracy.”