FIFA - 2022 World Cup Stays In Qatar

A FIFA spokesman has insisted there is 'no doubt' the 2022 World Cup will be played in Qatar as the world governing body meets to discuss growing concerns over the tournament.
FIFA's executive committee began a two-day meeting in Zurich on Thursday, and although it is expected they will not discuss the 2022 tournament until Friday, it was already the dominant topic of conversation outside its headquarters.
While the footballing authorities grapple with the question of whether it should be played in the summer or the winter, ongoing debates over the fairness of the original bidding process and fresh controversy over Qatar's treatment of migrant workers involved in constructing facilities have led some to question whether it should go ahead in the country at all.
However, FIFA spokesman Walter De Gregorio has moved to end that debate before it gathers momentum.
"No doubt," he told reporters when asked if it would be played in Qatar. "What is open to question is if we play in winter, and if so is it November, December, January, I don't know...
"But there is no doubt we will play in Qatar."
The issue of migrant workers' rights was raised again as the meetings got under way as a group from the global workers' union launched a protest outside FIFA headquarters.
FIFA president Sepp Blatter had originally promised there would be a decision at this week's meetings on when the tournament would be played, but others have called for a delay while a full consultation is undertaken with the game's stakeholders.
Britain's FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce is prepared to back a decision in principle to move the World Cup to the winter to avoid the summer heat in Qatar but thinks it is too early to decide on the exact timing.
He told Press Association Sport: "I wouldn't object to taking a decision on moving it in principle - I think nearly everybody is agreed on that.