Fourth Fifa Goal Project launched

Fifa Goal Project IV to the Ugandan FA, Fufa, was on Tuesday officially launched at Njeru Technical Centre in the eastern district of Jinja.

The project will cover construction of the pavilion stand near the artificial turf, administrative offices, dressing rooms and completion of the perimeter wall around the technical Centre, according to Fufa spokesperson Ahmed Hussein.

Infra-Tech Consult Ltd and Kabbs Technical Services are the companies contracted by Fifa for the project. The project is expected to be completed within five or six months.

‘We need enough infrastructures to attain sports success,” said Fufa president Moses Magogo, adding, “The generations that will come after us should enjoy the fruits of hard work by the current administrators.”

Magogo thanked the former Fufa Presidents Denis Obua and Lawrence Mulindwa for playing a key role that saw Uganda benefit from Fifa Goal Projects I, II and III in which the Fufa house, purchase of land in Njeru and construction of the technical Centre were achieved.

Fufa CEO Edgar Watson says the project will cost $300,000. “The Centre (Njeru) is to be used for educational services for football in Uganda,” said Watson.