FIFA World Cup players demand rock star treatment from Brazil hotels

The Japanese love a spa bath.
Reported in the Independent , the Algerians want the Koran by their bedside, the Uruguayans have insisted on silent airconditioning, to ensure their players have a “peaceful and quiet environment”, and Ecuador want daily deliveries of their local banana varieties.

When no other banana will do.

With just over a month to go until kick off, the 32 teams will be staying in hotels across 27 cities in nine states with a list of oddities to go with them.

France has asked for liquid soap in all bathrooms as their players are not used to using blocks of soap. They would also like two types — one for showering with and the other to wash their hands.

The Japanese have asked for jacuzzis in every room, Australians want a selection of newspapers to be available from around the world and Portugal wants six security staff, two of which will be dedicated to looking after star player Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Japanese love a spa bath.

According to the report, the Germans have had a budget blowout building their own training facility in the village of Santo Andre in Bahia. They have also created a headquarters with 13 houses, 65 rooms, a football field and press centre.

The English squad have emerged, surprisingly, as one of the countries with the least demands reported the Independent .

“They’ve only asked us to set aside one of our three restaurants for their exclusive use, give the footballers a dedicated video games room with three TVs and the latest games, and they want the sole use of the gym and swimming pool for just several hours every day,” said George Durante, general manager of the Royal Tulip Hotel in Rio.

Although the hotel has spent more than $3.6 million refurbishing with new furniture, beds and airconditioning.

Ibrahim Lanca, of the Hotel Ilha do Boi in Vitoria, Espirito Santos, where Australia will stay, revealed his guests demands.

“They want Brazilian meals of red meat, fish and chicken, but all cooked within the concept of a healthy diet. We’ve also been asked to install coffee machines for four players,” he told the Independent.

Chile have requested new beds and flat screen televisions in every room, the Swiss require high-speed internet and Swiss television channels and Colombia have asked for 15 lucky youth players to take part in their training sessions.

The Socceroos wont take the field without knowing the daily headlines.
The Socceroos wont take the field without knowing the daily headlines. Source: News Limited
But one of the most bizarre requests came from Bosnia.

“They’ve asked us to install an acoustic [soundproofed] screen,” said Lourival Pierim of Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa in Guaruja, Sao Paulo.

The players will dine on one side and coaching staff on the other. Their chatter will not be mixed,” he told the Independent .

Let’s hope all this VIP treatment off the field will produce some star performances on it.