Football Transfer Gossip: Fabregas issue reaching new heights!

Football Transfer Gossip: Fabregas issue reaching new heights!
During the summer transfer window, there was one name that travelled every football fan’s ears and that name is definitely “Cesc Fabregas!” He has been rumoured out of the English club, Arsenal, time and again. People are actually tired of the news at this moment, but the move is very important to the Arsenal and Barcelona fans because he is the play-maker and captain of the English club and he actually showed desire to move to the Spanish club.

Many of the people might know by now that Cesc actually started his football-career from the Barcelona Youth club, where he played with the Barcelona centre back Gerrard Pique and the world’s best football player, Lionel Messi.
All the transfer rumours started when Cesc Fabregas admitted publicly that he wanted to make a move to the Spanish club Barcelona and added on by saying that he wants to “go back home!” Fabregas was in the Spanish squad where 8 of Barcelona players were present, while most of them were his friends. He spent the whole FIFA World Cup 2010 with his friends and in the end when Spain won because of Cesc’s amazing through ball to Andres Iniesta, the Barcelona players “forced” him to wear their home jersey. Even though Fabregas told the Arsenal fans that he is proud to be a “gunner;” he still managed to disappoint them by wearing the Barcelona jersey after the win against the Dutch in the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2010.
Cesc Fabregas’ father told the Arsenal management that they should “let his son go,” and the topic took a new turn as his father even wanted his son to leave Arsenal. Fabregas on the other hand said that he was concentrating more on Spain rather than Barcelona. The English club initially told the Barcelona representatives that they wanted 60 million pounds for their captain but Barcelona gave an offer of half the price the English club was asking for. The English club said that they were not interested in selling the player because he is their captain and currently has a contract with the club.
Fabregas on the other hand kept quiet through the FIFA World Cup 2010 and did not show the desire to move or stay at the club. When he was asked about his move to Barcelona, he twisted the words and said that he is proud to be an Arsenal player.
In recent times, Barcelona changed their president as Laporta’s place was taken by Sandro Rosell. Rosell revealed that the club is going through a bad time and is suffering with high debts. Even with such a bad condition in the team’s treasury, Barcelona was able to buy the amazing Spanish striker, David Villa. When Arsenal found out that Barcelona are not keen on paying “too much” for the Spanish midfielder, they just called it “noise,” and publicly admitted that they are just not interested in selling the player.
In recent news, Cesc Fabregas was asked about his future in Arsenal and he admitted that he is a “Catalan!” He said:
"I am from Barcelona. I am a club member, along with my grandfather, my uncle and my cousin. I feel those colours and have since I was young. I am Catalan, I am from Arenys, I have come through the Barca youth system.”
He added by saying he loves his friends at Barcelona and the attributes of all the players, that he believes that Bojan is really calm and so is Lionel Messi. He said Messi is very kind, while Xavi, Puyol and Pique and great friends. He said he would really love to play with them but Arsene Wenger is a man who is as important as his father and he wouldn’t want to leave the club without winning a trophy.