10 Clubs/Countries That Diego Maradona Might Manage

One of the greatest footballers of all time, Diego Maradona took on a huge task in deciding to manage Argentina in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
After Argentina's 4-0 loss to Germany, Maradona was expected to stay on as coach before finding out that his coaching staff would be replaced.
Enraged, Maradona has now left Argentina and could now find himself with a new managerial position.
Here are ten possible destinations for Maradona should someone consider to pick him up.

The first club that Maradona managed (back in 1994), Maradona could go back to the club that he started it all off with.
Right now, Textil Mandiyú are in the fourth division in Argentine football.
A move would seem extremely unlikely.

The club that Maradona had his greatest success with, Napoli always could be a club where Maradona could end up.
Last year, Napoli finished sixth in Serie A and the club would certainly love to have Maradona back—even though they are doing well without him.

Another Argentine side in which Maradona once managed, Racing are in the Argentine Primera División, and share the same colors as Argentina's national team kit.
They did finish eighth last season, but who knows what Maradona could do with this side should he take over.

The club that Maradona played for right before the 1994 World Cup, Maradona could go back after losing his job with Argentina.
Of course, Lionel Messi once was part of this club and Maradona might be able to manage the "next Messi."

The last European club that Maradona ever played for, Sevilla might finally be ready to attempt to leapfrog both Barcelona and Real Madrid as they look to win La Liga.
And Maradona could be the final piece to that puzzle by inspiring Sevilla to win La Liga.

With Bob Bradley on the hot seat, Maradona might take over in what would be a move that would be completely stunning.
Of course, Maradona and the United States are not the best of friends, but Sunil Gulati might consider Maradona to be the person to help US Soccer get more publicity.

As unlikely as it might be, Maradona could take over for the best manager in club football at this moment in Pep Guardiola with the former Barcelona player not in the best position with management.
Of course, Maradona once played for Barcelona,and might come in to help Lionel Messi further develop.

The country that Maradona registered his last World Cup victory as a manager and where he won the 1986 World Cup, Maradona might take over for Javier Aguirre, who decided to resign after losing to Maradona.
With some fantastic young players about to come to Mexico for the 2014 World Cup, Maradona might take over to help these players develop further as a unit.

The final club Maradona played for, he truly is the most memorable player to play for Boca Juniors and could be at home managing his all-time favorite squad.
This will probably be the best fit for Maradona except for.

The only place that is loony enough to take on Maradona again is Argentina, and this is the place that not only should pick him up, but is easily the most likely side to pick up their former hero.
Maradona is still loved by Argentinian's everywhere, and if there is any place that he should take over, it is where he is