World Cup final referee Howard Webb joins fight for goal-line technology

English football (soccer) referee Howard WebbImage via Wikipedia
Top English referee Howard Webb has come out in support of goal-line technology being introduced to football.

Fifa have been reluctant to introduce or test the various systems that have been proposed, but the clamour for change has only grown since the World Cup — particularly after England's Frank Lampard saw his shot, that television replays showed had clearly crossed the line, not given by officials during a last 16 defeat to Germany. Webb told the BBC: "It's got to be worth looking at to make our job on those really crucial decisions that bit easier.
"I don't think you'll find many referees who say 'it's not something we want'. [But] it's difficult to do."
Leading officials from around Europe have called for the introduction of the available technology, but Uefa president Michel Platini is very much against the idea.
Fifa are reopening discussions over the matter shortly and Webb is very keen for them to do so.
"It's a matter of fact whether or not all of the ball has crossed all of the goal-line between the posts and under the crossbar," he said.
"Bearing in mind that's the entire aim of the sport, to score a goal.
"If we were to have some support - some assistance that was totally accurate and totally reliable - and instantaneous, then I guess it's got to be worth looking at.
"We sit here in 2010 and other sports have embraced certain types of technology. Football hasn't - but that tells me that's because it's really difficult, without changing the basic way the game is played. That's the fear, which I understand."